Contemporary Artist

Wilmington, North Carolina
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“Diversification, revelation and celebration best describe my work. While I feel that each idea, each creation requires and deserves its own medium, its own style of interpretation, my goal is to find and reveal a hidden meaning in the process and finished artistic expression. At the core of my art is the exploration of the creative process. It is through this exploration that I hope to convey to the viewer the excitement and passion inherent in my act of creativity. When I do this I celebrate because I have taken another step in my creative journey.”

Born in Steubenville, Ohio, her college education began in 1959 at Kent State University in Ohio and culminated 38 years later when she received her Masters Degree from Hollins University in Virginia. Having traveled and lived around the world with her military husband and their five children, her work is an embodiment of her strong family values and nomadic life style.